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DHI Cooperative Inc. is your LOCAL provider of Dairy Herd Improvement services for Ohio and surrounding areas. We operate a lab in Columbus and maintain an office in Wooster. DHI Cooperative Inc. is owned and operated by Ohio dairy farmer / members.

We also operate and manage Southeast DHIA located in Gainesville Florida. SEDHIA services dairy farms in Florida and Georgia and is owned and operated by Dairy Farmers in Florida and Georgia. Samples from SEDHIA are analyzed at Southeast Milk in Belleview Florida, Tennessee DHIA and DHI Cooperative Inc.

DHI has very experienced technicians that live in your community, who are interested in providing you with information to help you manage your herd. We have a wide selection of products to fit your needs from very simple; easy to use reports, to software solutions for both the desktop and handheld computers. We offer milk sample analysis locally for the following components:, butterfat, protein, Somatic Cell, and MUN. We can also have milk samples tested for Johnes and do mastitis cultures.

Please contact any of our area representatives to discuss our products and service, and find out more about what we have to offer.

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CAE/OPP Testing Now Available

BioPRYN® Pregnancy Blood Test Kits

We are a certified BioPRYN® lab for Sheep, Goat and Beef and Dairy Cattle pregnancy testing.

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